Kaabo Mantis V2 Scooter 2000W 18.2AH 2022 Version

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  • Top Speed: Up to 40 mph
  • Range: Up to 33 miles
  • Motor: 2x1000W | 3000W Peak
  • Battery: 60V 18.2Ah
  • Weight: 65 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 265 Lb
  • Tires: 10x2.5" Air
  • Brake: Dual disc (cable pulled hydraulic calipers)
  • Electric Braking: Adjustable regen. braking
  • Lights: White front +side & rear red LEDs



      With relatively slender design the Kaabo Mantis is a sleek high performance scooter that 'only' weighs in at 65 pounds, making it the lightest in its class. It folds down and is still portable in one hand, despite its strong performance. Only available in all black from fluidfreeride.


      This 2000W electric scooter with dual brushless hub motors in combination with the 25A Kaabo SineWave controllers deliver a top speed of 40 mph and can climb steep hills with ease. Acceleration is smooth but punchy when desired, making the Mantis a ton of fun to ride.


      In its third version, Kaabo has created a zero wobble folding mechanism that is super sturdy even when it gets a little rough.


      The Mantis 10 with 18.2Ah Battery is available at an entry level price point into the world of hyper performance scooters. If 20+ miles real world range is enough for you, look no further! Choose the 24.5Ah LG/Samsung battery version for even more range!


      The front and rear advanced swing arm spring suspension in combination with the 10" pneumatic tires delivers a smooth ride on rough city streets and trails. The high sitting handlebars and the rear foot rest allow for a comfortable and secure stance.


  • Now with a bright handlebar mounted headlight to light up the road ahead of you. The newly added horn and turn signals plus ample deck lighting make for optimal visibility and safe riding in traffic. Dual Zoom hydraulic disc brakes provide full control and stopping power during your ride.



    Sleek Cockpit With Easy to Use Controls

    • Quick access button for ECO mode to extend your range and to toggle single/dual motor mode. Now with feedback light so you know which button is pressed.
    • Now with full hydraulic brakes for more direct stopping power and lower maintenance requirements.
    • Customizable riding settings in the advanced display allow you to customize initial acceleration or electric braking, as well as set up cruise control.
    For All Weather and Demanding Applications


    For All Weather and Demanding Applications

    With enough range and speed to eliminate public transport altogether, it is still foldable and versatile. So if need be you can take it on the bus or transport it in your trunk. Need to ride at night? Count on ample lighting and turn signals for safe riding in traffic. Want to ride in the rain? No problem, the Mantis V2 is now IPx5 certified and comes with a mud guard extender pre-installed so no water will spray up your back or run inside the deck. We still do not recommend riding in heavy rain as road conditions become dangerous.