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The only storm you will enjoy riding in.

There is no calm before the Storm.

There is never a time when you can feel calm when riding the storm. Equipped with a powerful 6640W dual hub motor, the Storm brings along both speed and power on a ride.

EY3 LCD Display

The infamous green backlit LCD screen helps you read better under direct sunlight. More clicky all-around and provides a better water resistant protection to the internal motherboard.

Maintain a stable footing while your heart goes on an exciting ride.

Stability and comfort is just as important as speed. Why take the risk of falling over when you are travelling on such a high speed scooter?

Have the luxury of having both your feet comfortably planted on the deck while your heart goes on a thrilling and fun ride that you have always wanted!

Key Features That You Cannot Overlook

Dual Charging Ports

How can you charge such a beast in lesser time? With a dual charging port design, you will be able to charge your battery faster and get out riding again earlier. Reduce your charging time by about 10 hours simply just by using the second port available.

Detachable Battery

Charge your spare or secondary battery while you bring your scooter out for a date. Come back, swap it up with the second battery and you are ready to get out riding again.

Built In Battery Lock

Did we mention that it comes with a detachable battery? Detachable items are normally flimsy and you don't want your battery to fall off half way your ride and dangling behind you. The good news is, you won't. With a battery lock in place, you can ride in peace without the fear that your battery might just slip off any time.

11-Inch Tubeless Street Tires

Larger tires are generally known to create a safer and more comfortable ride experience. Reduce the chances of getting stuck in small cracks on the ground, drains and any other weird potholes you might come across. Feel more guided, safer on these 11" bad boys.

Better Control Over Your Brakes

Equipped with hydraulic brakes, you can now have better control and activation over your brakes. The Storm also comes with Anti-lock Brake System (eABS) which helps reduces tire skidding and tires locking up during an emergency brake. A feature that many high speed riders love.