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EMOVE RoadRunner 850W Seated eScooter

EMOVE RoadRunner 850W Seated eScooter

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New wider fork version in stock now!


100 miles of range, on a single swap.

Long rides and everyday lives. Whether you’re seeking out thrills or convenience, the Roadrunner is ready to perform. This epic Roadrunner is built to dethrone the EMOVE Cruiser as the King of Range. Our in-house designed battery is easily swapped out within 10 seconds - Battery can be charged separately on its own, you can leave it charging while you are out riding with your second battery. With a simple twist of the key, you get zero range anxiety every single time. Shop for Extra or Replacement Batteries.

Progressive performance

Beneath the polished exterior, the first ever EMOVE Roadrunner ushers you into the next generation of scooting. Dual geared motors deliver incredible horsepower and efficiency. There has never been a seated electric scooter built like this. Be careful - Riding the all new Roadrunner may be addictive.

Designed to suit all riding styles

Go low and fast, or tall and cruising - Our flagship Roadrunner is perfect for city commuting, weekend spins around the cul-de-sac, and everything in between.

The intelligent dashboard built with safety features

Ergonomic rubber handgrips that helps you keep up with the long rides. Thumb throttle that does not cause riding fatigues. Anti-glare LCD display that lets you see the speed you are going.

Turn on and press down the thumb throttle. It's that easy

Comfort is built in

Comfort over everything

Everything we make is designed to give you comfort during a long commute. Memory foam seat is highly adaptable and soft, providing ultimate support and comfort. The lower motion transfer soaks up bumpy rides better than the standard coiled seated scooters.

ABS Braking Switch

ABS brakes are typically found in the superscooter class range. Prevent your wheels from locking up while braking and avoid skidding.

Soaks up all terrains

Twin hydraulic shocks at the front gives you the ability to enhance your riding profile for any situation.

Even more great stuff

Versatile riding profiles

Adjust your center of gravity and aerodynamics during a ride - Lean forward if you want to go faster.

Zero-play folding handlebars

We work directly with the factory that produces the popular xtasy handlebars to suit the Roadrunner specifications.

Juiced up in 10 seconds

Just done with a long commute and need to go more? Simply swap it out with another fully charged battery and you are ready to go.

Modular and swappable

Swap the seat out to a leather saddle, change the handlebars to the millions of high performance bike style handlebars, or better yet, swap the stock tires to custom built fat tires. You are only limited by your imagination.

Made to rule the darkness

Brightest headlight yet

Up to 280 lumens, the brightest front headlight that comes stock on an electric scooter. No need for colorful festival lights.

A bright new standard

The EMOVE Roadrunner debuts with an ultra bright headlight that transforms your ride into a real vehicle.

Rear safety lights

Rethink what a scooter should be with the Roadrunner - A new breed of electric scooters that you can ride on the streets with extreme confidence.

For the thrill seekers, the commuters, and everyone else.

The original EMOVE Roadrunner will bring power, agility and spirit to the everyday rider. With its adjustable handlebar and a suspension tuned for handling most terrains - This versatile electric scooter delivers un-rivaled sportiness and dynamics.

Dimensions Of The RoadRunner

Have an Ebike? See why you should switch.

There are so many reasons to switch to the Roadrunner. Here is a quick comparison of the electric bikes in the same price class.


  • 26Ah battery capacity
  • Hop on and go - Huge battery capacity to achieve the range
  • Front and rear geared hub motor
  • Apartment friendly
  • Long, memory foam seat


  • 7.8Ah to 14Ah
  • Pedal assisted range, but you do most of the leg work
  • Single brushless motor
  • Require more space or bike racks
  • Tiny saddle

Technical Specifications

Tech specifications (Click To Expand)

    • Range:50 miles per swappable battery, 100 miles on a single swap
    • Top Speed: 35mph (~56.3kmph)
    • Frame material: 6061 aluminum alloy
    • Tire size: 14 inches Tubed Tires
    • Brakes: Xtech hydraulic front and rear
    • Weight:55 lbs
    • Max Load Capacity: 330lbs
    • Charging Time: 12 hours per battery
    • Handlebar dimensions: 25.4mm x 22.2mm x 600mm
    • Color: Matte black
    • Seat: Memory foam racer edition
    • Battery: 48V 26.1Ah
    • Nominal Power: Front 350W and 500W rear
    • Throttle: Thumb style
    • Charger: 54.6V 3A
    • Dimensions: 50" length by 38" height
    • Water Resistance: Riding under light rain is alright
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