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Deposit - Greenger G3s eDirt Bike

Deposit - Greenger G3s eDirt Bike

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Today is the first day you have woken up and said "I need to get myself an all electric supermoto from Greenger." Need a ride in the pits during a track day, looking to improve riding technique, want to have fun with your friends for hours and have no one complain about noise? The G3s redefines what a Supermoto ride can be. Ride where you want, when you want. Legally and safely of course…Ride for hours with the LG 72v swappable battery. Grab a spare battery and 8Ah quick charger, the ride continues as fast as you can swap batteries. The G3s has a 300lb max weight aluminum twin-spar frame and 6kW motor to ensure it moves at the speed you need. Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes, need those for Newtons 1st law. Built for riders new and experienced we included 3 speed stages to choose from; Stage 1 17mph, Stage 2 33mph, Stage 3 55mph max speed. This is unlike the home made lawn mower engine pit bike we grew up riding. This is the bike we wish we grew up riding. This is the SM option you have been looking for after a day at school, after you complete that to-do list, after that never ending zoom call. What ever your reason, we are here to ensure fun is in front of you. Let's get everyone riding, let's go have fun!


Top Speed: <55mph
Battery: LG 72V

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