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Mars Street 35AH eScooter (Street Tire ETA 3–4 Months)

Mars Street 35AH eScooter (Street Tire ETA 3–4 Months)

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Immerse yourself in the MARS Experience. Introducing the new Mars Powerful Electric Scooter.

Specifically designed for e-scooter enthusiasts who crave unparalleled performance and versatility. Equipped with massive 11-inch anti-puncture street tires, this scooter effortlessly conquers most terrain with ease. Experience a thrilling ride like never before, as the Mars reaches speeds of up to 50mph thanks to its powerful 60V35AH battery.

Featuring a dual motor configuration of 2400W motors, the Mars delivers unmatched acceleration and ultra-high torque. The Mars has the ability to conquer slopes of over 50 degrees.

Designed with safety in mind, the Mars incorporates the innovative A-A suspension system. This original design, initially used on folding electric scooters, separates the absorption and steering, resulting in swifter and safer handling. Say goodbye to side-slipping during abrupt braking maneuvers and embrace a whole new level of riding confidence.


  • Top Speed <50MPH
  • Dual Motor: 2400W
  • Range: <70mi
  • Battery: 60V35AH 
  • Anti Fire Brake: Hydraulic & E ABS
  • Payload: <440lb
  • Suspension: Double Wishbone +Multi Link(Best Technology)
  • Anti Puncture Tires
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