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Nireeka Prime 1500 (Custom Bike ETA 2 - 3 Months)

Nireeka Prime 1500 (Custom Bike ETA 2 - 3 Months)

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For some years now, electric bicycles have become one of the most demanded transport elements in the urban environment. The price of these products has been reduced at the same time that the offer has multiplied. This time we have another very ambitious bike from Nireeka. Designed for different terrains, the Nireeka Prime packs Bafang’s monster M620 Ultra mid-drive motor. It works with both cadence and torque detection, which allows cruising or electric assistance exercises, depending on the mode selected. It is tranquil and very powerful, climbing hills and neutralizing winds as if nothing.

Nireeka Prime - Nireeka Configurator

 Frame Size Options: M (17.5"), L (19")
 Frame Color Options: Red, White, Matte Black, Pearlized Red, Pearlized White


  • Range: Up to 52 miles
  • Top Speed: 37mph
  • Starting Estimated Weight: 61.74lb




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