Why Hyper Rides?

Hyper Rides is your trusted source and authorized dealer for eBikes and eScooters. We focus 50% of our resources on our after sale support. When you become our client, you will be taken care of.  We provide one of the most responsive after sales support in the industry. It is how we grow and intend to keep growing by referral basis. 


Quality Control

Many of our customers have experienced issues with other online retailers purchases due to broken or defected parts.  At Hyper Rides, we provide additional in house quality checks.
Every electric scooter and eBike that comes in to Hyper Rides will go through a true quality inspection. At Hyper Rides, we assemble every ride to do a true quality test and adjust any abnormal sound that should not be on your ebike or escooter.  If there is a visible damage when it ships to us, it would not be in our showroom and we definitely wouldn't ship it out.  At Hyper Rides, we do our best in our quality control so you no longer have to wait a week, a month, or longer to get the right part shipped to you.

Close Relationships with Our Suppliers

We are an authorized dealer for Aventon, SurRon, Nireeka, Kaabo, Nireeka California, Nami, Dualtron, Emove, Venus, Mars, Himiway, and many other reputable manufacturers.