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3'' Wide Hybrid Tire

3'' Wide Hybrid Tire

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Get ready for adventure with the 3" Wide Hybrid Tire! This tire is designed for the daring and the bold, blending the best of both worlds to take your ride to the next level.

Picture yourself tackling rugged terrain, feeling the thrill of the ride, and leaving a trail of conquered obstacles in your wake. The 3" Wide Hybrid Tire is designed for off-road adventures, delivering unbeatable traction and stability in any conditions.

But that's not all! This tire also boasts a wide and stylish design that sets it apart from the rest. The 3" width adds a touch of confidence to your ride, and the aggressive tread pattern is both functional and visually striking.

So, why settle for a boring and functional tire when you can have one that performs and looks amazing? Upgrade your ride with the 3" Wide Hybrid Tire today and experience the ultimate combination of performance, style, and adventure. Your ride deserves the best, and this tire is it!

  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with the Mantis King GT
  • 3 in hybrid tires
  • Require tubes
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