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PMT E-Fire 10" X 3.0 Tire

PMT E-Fire 10" X 3.0 Tire

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The E-Fire 10" X 3.0 PMT electric scooter tires are some the highest quality tires manufactured in Italy designed and developed for competition. These PMT road tires have an urban tread pattern, are 76mm wide and have a 52 shore A hardness compound. Install these performance tires for a premium long lasting ride experience. 

The E-FIRE 10" X 3.0 PMT tires are designed with a safey first fun, second approach and feature a tread pattern for maximum traction on both wet and dry surfaces. They are made with a durable rubber compound that offers a long lifespan and can withstand heavy and abusive use. These tires also have a puncture-resistant layer, providing added protection against flats.

The PMT (Pneumatic, Microcellular, Polyurethane Tires) technology used in these tires provides a comfortable and smooth ride, while also providing enhanced traction and handling. Additionally, these tires are recognized for their exceptional tread life, guaranteeing that you receive maximum value for your investment.

Note: Sold and ship as a single tire. Free shipping across the US.


    Type: 10" X 3 (R6.0)
    Tire width: 76 mm
    Hardness compound: 52 Shore A
    Pressure: 1.8-3 Bar / 26-43 PSI
    Tread pattern: Urban
    Rim width: 35-45 mm
    Outer diameter: 250mm


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