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SurRon Light Bee X 40ah - Large Frame DEPOSIT

SurRon Light Bee X 40ah - Large Frame DEPOSIT

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Large Frame Package Kit Include: 

  1. Large Frame
  2. Large Frame Handlebar

Large Frame Stealth 3 Edition Include: 

  1. Large Frame
  2. Large Frame Handlebar
  3. Orange Decal Removed

Large Frame Stealth 7 Edition Include: 

  1. Large Frame
  2. Large Frame Handlebar
  3. Upgraded Black Pegs
  4. Matching Black Hand Grips
  5. LED Light Bar
  6. Added On/Off Light Switch
  7. Orange Decal Removed

Large Frame Gloss Carbon 10 Edition Include: 

  1. Large Frame
  2. Large Frame Handlebar
  3. Upgraded Black Pegs
  4. Matching Black Hand Grips
  5. LED Light Bar
  6. Added On/Off Light Switch
  7. Orange Decal Removed
  8. Gloss Carbon Front Fender Installed
  9. Gloss Carbon Tail Fender Installed
  10. Gloss Carbon Wheel Fender Installed

      The electric, off-road Light Bee X promises advanced fun on all terrain.

      The Light Bee X offers 60V of power from a removable Panasonic lithium ion battery pack. A forged, lightweight alloy frame, combined with hi-spec components, results in a total weight of just 47 kg. 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes are mounted front and rear. The LCD dash is handlebar-mounted, and a  convenient USB charger sits right in front of the rider. With a climbing ability of over 45 degrees, up to 100 km of range and a short 2.5-3.5-hour charge time, the Light Bee X offers hours of near-silent fun. 

      For private / off road use

      Updates to our models include:

      • Sine wave controller for smoother power with more torque, plus ReGen for improved range
      • Improved riding position: wider, thicker seat combined with a wider, higher handlebar
      • Heavier-duty gold O-ring chain for lower maintenance and reduced noise
      • Updated brakes: 4-piston, titanium-finished calipers, now with sintered pads for improved heat dissipation and braking power
      • Pro handlebar grips in grey



        Ultra Lightweight Frame

        The Light Bee's 7.8 kg frame is constructed of aviation-grade aluminum alloy via a fully automatic welding process that ensures consistency in production.

        High Performance Brakes

        The braking system features opposed, four-piston hydraulic calipers with metallic brake pads and 203 mm discs for safe and reliable stopping power.

        Sporty Performance

        In SPORTS mode, the Light Bee X puts out 6 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque. That's more than enough for tackling jumps and climbing hills!


        • 6,000W peak power (750W with factory-installed speed limiter)
        • Top speed: <46 mph
        • 184 ft-lb (250 Nm) peak torque
        • Range: <46 miles at 25 mph
        • Simple & quick charging: connect to standard wall outlet via included charger. Charges to 100% in ~3 hours
        • Easy to handle and maneuver: 123 lb curb weight, low 32.6" (830 mm) seat height
        • Adjustable off-road suspension
        • Regenerative braking
        • 45-degree climbing angle


        Motor Type:  PMSM
        Weight / Motor External Diameter: 7.0kg / 180mm
        Motor Axial Length: 130mm
        Peak Efficiency: 95.60%
        Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
         Controller Type: X Version Sine Wave
        Dimensions: 240mm x 110mm x 50mm
        Peak Efficiency: 98.50%
        Power Modes: Eco and Sport


        Rated Voltage: 60V (DC)
        Rated Power / Peak Power: 3,000W / 6,000W
        Motor Shaft Output Torque @ 1000RPM: 35.40Nm
        Rated Rotation Speed: 4300rpm
        Peak Efficiency: 97.8%
        Range of Efficiency (≥80):  1.4Nm - 21.5Nm



        Road Legal:  No



        Gear Ratio: 1:7.6
        Transmission:  Primary Belt & 420 Drive Chain



        Battery: 60V 40AH
        Battery Life: 500 Cycles (reduces thereafter)
        Battery Charge Indicator: Integrated LCD Display
        Charger: 10A
        Charging Time: 2.5-3.5 Hours
        USB Connection: Single USB-2.1 A Socket
        Speedometer:  LCD Digital Speedometer
        Headlight & Rear Light: LED



        Chassis & Swingarm: Forged Aluminum
        Chassis Surface & Colour Processing: Anodic Oxidation
        Front Suspension: KKE, DNM, RST or Fastace, Adjustable for Preload & Rebound
        Rear Shock Absorber: KKE, DNM, RST or Fastace Shock with TR Suspension Link System, Adjustable for Compression & Rebound
        Wheel Type & Size: 19 x 1.4 Wire-Spoke Wheels Front/Rear, Alloy Hubs
        Tire Size: 70/100-19 Front/Rear
        Max Range: 100km (62miles) @ 32km/h (19.8mph) depending upon terrain
        Net Weight: 47kg (Plus Battery
        Max Load: 100kg (220 lbs.)
        Max Climbing Angle: 45 degrees
        Rear Sprocket: 48T
        Side Stand: With Kill Switch
        Vehicle Dimensions: 73.62" x 30.7" x 40.94" 1,870mm  x 780mm x 1,040mm
        Minimum Ground Clearance: 270mm (10.62in)
        Wheelbase: 1,260mm
        Seat Height:  84-88cm (33in - 34.6in)


        *Unless otherwise noted, ALL products sold from Sur Ron™ and authorized dealers are sold with the sole intention for off road or race track use only. This product or products may not comply with some State, Federal, Provincial and/or Local laws, ordinances, regulations. The buyer takes full responsibility of the use of these products on their vehicle which may or may not conform to all applicable laws and regulations for on road or highway use.

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